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Get the Support You Need to Go From Chaos to Confidence

From Foster Child to
Fostering Connections


My name is Serena Rice

I'm a goofy, God lovin', faith driven woman from the PNW! And I have a passion for helping families, just like yours, build stronger connections and deeper trust. Growing up, I had 7 different parents, so it was a challenge for me to be seen, heard and understood as a child. With all the inconsistencies and different parenting styles I endured, there were times when I wasn't met with patience, joy or even love. I rarely got to enjoy being a kid, because I was constantly in survival mode. And just when I thought I built a solid connection within a family, I was moved to the next home. I now carry these things with me in my adult life. Its hard for me to process and express my emotions, trust people, and when I build a good relationship with someone, I leave before they even have a chance to hurt me.

God has placed me on earth to do the work of bringing families closer, because he knows that I don't want any other child to experience not being seen, heard or understood. I'm here to help families break toxic generational patterns, and start leading with connection, to build confidence in parenting and in homes. Through my parent centric services, I focus on the parent! My focus is YOU! Your needs and your feelings. Because in order to show up for your children, you need to first show up for yourself.


So what are you waiting for? Your confident parenting journey is one click away!

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